Journey’s End, New Beginnings

The day started well, with the sun shining, the birds singing and people smiling. I decided to walk from Hackney Central station to Celia Fiennes House, the venue for the Word On The Street journalism course. As the saying goes: ‘Nothing can go wrong now’. How wrong can one be? Due to some very dodgy and totally erratic directions, I eventually arrived at the venue after walking for about an hour and passing Lidl three times. I was met at the street corner by a very friendly, apologetic and embarrassed member of staff, who had been attempting to lose me and defeat my sense of purpose. Politeness and respect for a lady prevents me from mentioning any name or describing the person.
So I duly arrived. I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and the welcome I received, considering I was over half an hour late.
After introductions, I began my introduction to the world of journalism. First of all discussing what journalism is. After my initial nervousness I settled, and I felt this group of strangers were becoming a unit, willing to discuss and give their opinions unreservedly.
I felt I am going to enjoy myself, believing I will learn and benefit from this (unfortunately) very short course and I will take from it as much as I can.
– McTaggart, ‘Word On The Street: London’ workshop participant

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