Can you write for The Pavement?

Martin Langford

Can you write for The Pavement? Well, yes, it turns out you can!

Today, four other budding writers and I – all drawn from different walks of life and who’ve all experienced homelessness – were at a pilot project run by The Pavement magazine and Poached Creative. We each responded to an advert, or an invitation, to come along to Poached Creative’s London office to discover how this nifty little magazine is put together – in the hope that we, too, would join its merry band of volunteer writers.

The staff (and Fudge, the office dog) were very welcoming and friendly. The previous day I attended a get-to-know-you interview where I met Carinya (The Pavement’s deputy editor), Jess (Poached Creative director), Alice (The Pavement intern) and Fudge (head of the welcoming party). Even Jess, as director, was not above making me a cuppa – and very nice it was too.

Today, the team – now including Grant (Poached Creative writing and communications mentor) – was joined by us five newbies. After a discussion about the types of media we prefer to access and what we liked about them, we learned how The Pavement is put together and then… our first task: writing for its blog. This is the result!

– Martin Langford, ‘Word On The Street: London’ workshop participant


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