The Way of the Journalist

Ian S Kalman

Here I am, encircled by people who all wish to tell a story. No, I am not at Custer’s Last Stand. I am at participating in Word On The Street: London – a course on journalism.

So now I am in the charge of the Light Brigade. Here I am being guided by people who know the ropes, so even with cannons to the right of me and to the left I will survive.

It’s like being part of the D-Day Landing. I will be victorious.

The great thing about this course is that my fellow warriors are also sharing their knowledge and feelings.

Today I can be reborn or revitalised. I hear of a person who runs a blog, another who wants to tell her story with pictures.

I am now Hannibal – not Lector but the general who took the elephants over the Alps.

– Ian S. Kalman, Word On The Street: London workshop participant


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